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Residential Cleaning


  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned

  • Empty sink and load dishwasher

  • Sink scrubbed and disinfected

  • Exterior of oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher wiped down
    (inside cleaning available upon request. Ask for details)

  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

  • Stove top cleaned

  • Window sills dusted

  • Trash emptied

Bedroom, Living Room & Common Areas

  • All areas dusted from top to bottom

  • All carpeted areas vacuumed (including stairs and walk in closets)

  • Light straightening through out room

  • Beds made

  • Linens changed (if fresh are left out)

  • Trash emptied

  • Mirrors and glass tables cleaned

  • *Furniture vacuumed on request

  • *Blinds dusted on request

  • Hand washing baseboards is available for an additional fee


  • Wash and sanitize the toilet, shower, tub, and sink

  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass fixtures

  • Dust all accessible surfaces

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Empty trash

Extras (upon request)

For a deeper clean, consider adding one or more cleaning extras. Most cleaning extras add one half hour of time and cost to your booking.

  • Outside of cabinets

  • Inside fridge

  • Inside oven

  • Laundry wash & dry

  • Interior windows



Selling your home? Have us deep clean your house to have it spick and span to wow your potential buyers!

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

If you have a small commercial space or office, we can provide you with excellent, spotless cleaning services.

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Need your house professionaly cleaned? We can do it on a schedule or whenever you need an extra hand.


Quality Cleaning

Who has time to clean these days? Let our professionally trained staff do the work for you. Our cleaning specialists are trained and experienced to know how to make your home sparkle! Depending on your needs, we are available every week, once every 2 weeks (most popular) and once per month, or just whenever you need a hand.

Voted “Best Maid Service” – Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll


Voted “Best Maid Service” – Four points News Reader’s Poll

Voted "The Most Reliable Cleaning Service" in Austin


Here at Maid For You, we value our customers above all else. The best compliment you can give us is to refer your friends. Once your friend has had their home cleaned your next cleaning will be 10% off as our thank you!


We customize our cleaning services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our reputation for quality service and reliability are unsurpassed, so why not spread the joy! Give the gift of a clean house! All current customers can purchase a house cleaning for their friend for 10% off by using their customer referral discount


Who We Serve

Our trained and professional staff can provide cleaning services for homes of all types and sizes. We also clean small commercial spaces. Our detail-oriented team comes in and takes care of every corner of your space so you can spend your free time doing whatever you want to do—not cleaning!

What We Do

Large or small, we can do it all. Whether you need
weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, we have a service and schedule that’s perfect for you. You don’t have to be present for us to make your entire home shine. Our hardworking team gets the job done quickly and professionally, leaving you with a beautiful space that you can enjoy.


We'll work with you to create a plan that fits your unique cleaning needs.

Seeking Employment?

Do you love to clean? We do! If you have previous cleaning experience that is a plus. However, if you are new to this world no problem, Each of our employees is professionally trained and supervised. We will teach you every thing you need to know to become a house cleaning professional. Apply today!


We aim to please with each initial cleaning but if you are not satisfied with any part of our cleaning service, please call us within 24 hours and we would dispatch a Supervisor to address the areas in question.


For safety, and reasons we do not allow our employees to move large or heavy items when cleaning. We also do not allow them to climb on ladders or counters.


Please safely secure valuable items and collectibles prior to cleanings.


In the event of accidental damage or missing item(s), notify us within 24 hours of your cleaning appointment so we can start the claims process. Maid For You reserves the right to contract suitable professionals to repair damages, and will make payment arrangements directly to its contractors to settle any repairs. We take all claims very seriously, and do require a police report for any claim of theft as described in our claim document.


All of our employees have signed a contract with Maid for You that they will not clean any Maid for You customers outside of their terms of employment with Maid For You.


Should you wish to hire a present or past Maid For You staff member for any home-related service outside of your agreement with us, our referral fee is $2,500. This fee is due within 30 days of notification from Maid For You. If the fee is not paid, Maid For You reserves the right to pursue legal means of collection.


"I am always so happy to come home and find that your cleaner has been there. The house looks and smells fantastic! Thanks for all you do." 

—  Debra S.



Call: (512) 345-8530

Text: (512) 554-6484


8500 N Mopac Expy #807

Austin, TX 78759

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Why should I use a service?


There are many advantages to using a professional service like Maid For You. We hire, train, run background checks, and pay taxes on all of our employees. We do all these things so that you don’t have to! And yes, maids do come and go but Maid For You has been in business for over 30 years and we hope to be in business for another 30 so we stand behind the work of all our employees! Our service can guarantee your home or business will be spotless because we treat each space like it is our own. 


Can you tell me about your cleaning services?


Maid for You is a friendly, family-owned business committed to providing quality home cleaning services all across Austin. No cleaning company in all of Austin does a better job of keeping your homes looking great at better prices, no one! Maid for You is the most trusted name in professional home cleaning. These days, who has the time or energy to clean a house? Our detail-oriented team comes in and takes care of every corner of your space so you can spend your free time doing whatever you want to do—not cleaning! Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, we have a service and schedule that’s perfect for you. You don’t have to be present for us to make your entire home shine. Our hardworking team gets the job done quickly and professionally, leaving you with a beautiful space that you can enjoy. Let us take care of the housework so you can spend more time with your family! You won’t find a cleaning company who offers you more personalized service and attention to detail at a price that you’ll absolutely love. When you give us a call, you will be connected directly to our owner, so you can expect immediate attention to your inquiry.


What kind of house cleaning do you do?

We have an extensive checklist of everything that we cover in your home, which we can provide further information on, at request. Since we also do small offices and commercial spaces, we can provide you with a detailed plan of how we will clean your space. For commercial spaces, We offer weekday, night and weekend cleanings for your convenience. Please call us to schedule an on site inspection of the space so we can determine the best approach for cleaning going forward. Each job and space is different, so we will cater our cleaning services to your needs. 


What are the benefits of Maid For You cleaning?


Homes and workplaces are notorious for collecting dirt, dust, hair, and other contaminants that can have a major negative effect on your air quality. Bad air leads to sick workers, lost time, and reduced efficiency. Regularly scheduled cleaning from Maid For You can help you stay on top of home health issues. We will get work spaces and homes back to like-new condition and work with you to keep your environment healthy.


What other cleaning services do you offer? 


Outside of residential and commercial cleaning, we offer move-out cleaning services to those who are selling their property! The process of moving can be so exhausting, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning the house once the move is complete. Our Move Out Service Includes:

  • Scheduling

    • When scheduling a move out please plan for a date when the home will be empty. Don’t try to schedule a cleaning while the movers are still there.

  • Utilities

    • Please make sure all of the utilities are still on or we will not be able to clean.

  • Payment

    • We do require a credit card on file to reserve all move out services. However, you may pay with cash or a check at the time of the cleaning.

  • Bad Condition

    • We will have additional charges if the home is in extremely bad condition. This is mainly a concern to our customers on campus at the University of Texas and other college campuses (so please let us know in advance).

  • Turned Away

    • We will charge you a fee if we arrive and are turned away because you are not ready.

  • Cancellation

    • We will charge a fee if we are not given 24 hours notice of cancellation.


What is your cancellation policy?


We ask you to provide us with 24 hours notice when you need to cancel. This will allow us to find another job for our employees. If we drive out to your home and the key is not out or we are turned away we have a $40 fee.


Will you remind me that you’re coming to clean?


We can email, text or call to remind of service day and time if you would like us to. Unless you request a reminder we do not confirm our weekly and every other week customer. For all of the other appointments, we will.


Do I have to be home when you come to clean?


No. As long as we can work out access to your home we are happy to clean while you are at work so that you can come home to a freshly cleaned home.


Do I have to sign a contract?


No, you can use our service whenever you need us. If you would like to schedule weekly, bimonthly, or monthly that is great but we are here any time you need a hand.


Will you send a bill?


We ask that you pay for service at the time of the cleaning. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks and cash. If you require a receipt we will happily provide one when requested.


Do You Have References?


Yes! We have testimonials from our valued clients visible on the site. Check them out to see what our clients say about us!


Is this a Franchise?


No, The Clean Co LLC is an independent, family-owned company. 

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